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DIEMlife loves NYC

Four months ago, nobody could have predicted we would be living in our current situation. Cities have shut down, economies have started to shrink, hospitals are full and public spaces are empty, and many parents now have to juggle working from home while also playing teacher to their children whose schools have closed for the foreseeable future. COVID-19 has profoundly altered all aspects of society. 

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AMiTS - A DIEMlife Quest series.

We’re hardwired to help others – it’s what’s made us so successful as a species. We’re social beings, and it’s our collaborative creed that has seen us through thousands of years of survival. On a more personal level, helping others can make us a whole lot healthier – and push us to improve

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DIEMlife Nutrition Program Feeding Behavior

As humans, we have a very complex relationship with food and what we choose to eat. On one side, we choose food based on the energy and nutritional content as we are programmed for survival. But humans have also developed a drive to choose food for its hedonic value. What does hedonic mean? It means that we eat to obtain pleasure in the absence of an energy deficit. 

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