Save-money piggy bank on the beach

This could be you.

With summer in full swing, it’s fun to get out and make sunny memories with our friends and family at happy hours, BBQs, outdoor events and weekend trips. But summer social plans can often be pricey and make it hard to save money. Unforgettable summer memories do not have to cost a fortune.

You can still crush the summer FOMO and keep up with your money-saving goals.

Here are four ways to maximize summer fun without sabotaging your savings.


Save-money highline nyc free art

Henry Taylor’s “the floaters” on The Highline in New York City. Photo credit: Gotham Magazine

1. Get Cultured For Free
Take advantage of the free cultural events around your city. During the summer months, many local businesses and organizations bring cultural experiences outdoors to you. For your next summer outing, try a free concert or show in the park. If you’re looking to get into visual art, sign up for a daytime art walk or check out free admission days at museums. If you want to experience the celebration of different communities, look out for festivals and parades. You can research your neighboring city’s recreation guide for free events and activities. If you want more ideas, check out Time Out Magazine for their weekly listing of all of the must-see events in your area.
You could be saving: up to $200 or the cost of 4 concert tickets


Save-money eat out with friends

Potluck inspo. Photo credit: Outstanding In The Field

2. Create Your Own Chef’s Table
Dining at restaurants can be costly. Save your money and instead, organize a potluck with a few friends and have each person contribute a dish or drink from a different country. It doesn’t have to be where you’re from either. If there’s a country you’ve never explored, why not start with their cuisine and find a recipe on sites like Epicurious and Pinterest. Make it more memorable and create a menu for free with Canva.
You could be saving: $200 or the cost of 4 dinners out


Save-money travel local

Plot the sites. Photo credit: Rawpixel

3. Be A Tourist At Home
You might not be traveling to see the Seven Wonders of the World this summer, but you can still play tourist in your own city. Pick three sites, pack your lunch and make it a field trip for the family. You can get around on your own or hop on a city bus tour if you want someone else to do the driving and the guiding. Check the reviews for the tour operator and book a time to go with a guide who has rave reviews. Ask questions and learn fun facts about each site. Want more touring ideas? Viator is a great place to not only book tours but also get ideas for DIY trips.
You could be saving: $671 or the price of a roundtrip ticket to Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Save-money stay connected with friends

Photo credit: Adrianna Calvo

4. Forget The Souvenir
Shopping when traveling is like a ritual for some. Forget spending money on items you’ll never use or your loved ones don’t need. Instead, take selfies throughout the day to capture the memories and send them to out of town friends. Make it even more special and use the app Felt to turn your selfies into postcards. We met one of the founders of Felt and they’re making it really easy for you to send handwritten cards right from your phone. So fun!
You could be saving: $50 or the cost of buying little things for many people or bigger things for fewer people

We still have until September 21 to live up our summer. That’s nine weeks to try out these summer tips on getting cultured, eating well, sharing memories and hitting your goal of keeping money in the bank. Now, get out there and have fun!