Our mission at DIEMlife is to empower people and communities to create, share and achieve their best life.  

We know how hard it can be to find the time and resources to accomplish the things you really want to do, so that’s why we’ve created a way to help harness your inner strength and learn how to create the quality of life you deserve. From improving your physical health to spending more time with friends and family to tackling those long-forgotten hobbies, we believe addressing each of our Six Pillars of Wellness—Physical, Mental, Social, Environmental, Occupational and Financial—can help you live a more meaningful and impactful life. 

Ready to connect to your best life? We’ve broken down our Six Pillars of Wellness and recommended Quest™ activities to help you get started.


athletic girl stretching

When it comes to our health, the body truly is more than just a temple. It’s the backbone of our lifestyle. With proper exercise, nutrition and sleep, we can live the best version of ourselves. Consider how to get the best performance out of a car–it needs to be driven regularly, given the right kind of fuel, and brought in for maintenance. That’s how we approach the physical body. We need regular exercise to keep us mobile, the right nutrition to keep us fueled, and enough sleep for rest and recovery.

Physical Quest™ Examples
Exercise 3 x Week – Get big results in small steps and make physical activity a part of your lifestyle. Commit to a physical activity at least three days a week that gets your heart rate going.

Eat Nutritious & Delicious – You don’t have to eat cardboard to fit into those pants. For anyone looking to make a change in their diet, start with small changes to figure out which foods make you look and feel great.

Create An Evening Ritual – A good night’s sleep starts before your head hits the pillow. Create a consistent and relaxing ritual that will help your body and mind automatically wind down from a busy day.


reading books

Our mental health includes our emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Addressing our mental health can allow us to work productively, live fully, and give back to the community.

Mental Quest™ Examples
Find Your Inner Zen – Want to escape to a secret place that gives you lowered blood pressure, a relaxed state of mind and general sense of gratitude? Try meditation and get access to a 24/7 chill space within the confines of your mind.

Make Time For Me – Don’t wait until you’re running on empty. Make time for yourself to recharge and live a more energized life.

Finish One Book In A Month – Don’t you want to know how it ends? Finish your book, cover to cover. Figure out how many minutes you need to read a day to finish your book. Multiply the total number of pages and number of lines on a page and then divide that total by the number of lines you read in a minute. That number is the total minutes it will take you to finish the book. Divide that by the number of your reading sessions and that’s how many minutes you need to read each session to finish your book. Too much? Set your Milestones to read every day.

Practice Creativity – You don’t need to be an artist to be creative. Exercise your creativity in anything you do. The more it becomes part of your life, the more your creativity will grow.


family selfie

In addition to the relationship we have with ourselves, the ones we have with others are just as important to the quality of our lives. Our social health depends on the ability to form healthy interpersonal relationships with family, friends and communities. Developing these relationships includes working on our communication skills, practicing empathy and accountability. Ultimately, how we get along with others affect how we get along in life.

Social Quest™ Examples
Start A Family Tradition – Don’t wait until another graduation or wedding to hang out with the family. Strengthen the family bond with new experiences that keep you connected throughout the years.

Join A Group Challenge – Link up with friends and create or participate in a group activity.


messy desk white

The spaces we occupy can shape our psychological well-being. This includes both natural and built environments, outdoor and indoor. It may not seem like a big deal but creating environments that support your chosen lifestyle can be impactful to your mental and physical health.

Environmental Quest™ Examples
Declutter My Workspace – Messy spaces can be stress inducing. But fear not. Those sleek, minimal desks are not just for store catalogs. Get organized and clear your workspace of clutter so you can be more focused and effective.

Improve My Community – Take action and make moves to improve your community’s environment like cleaning up your local park, helping paint homes, or planting a community garden.

Travel Somewhere New – Sometimes it’s hard to see, but there is another world beyond your property lines, your daily commute and your office walls. Travel somewhere new and discover the people, places and unique ways of thinking that will enrich your life and awaken your senses.


working on laptop

If the average person spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week working, how could it not affect your health and life. There is a sense of self-worth and value tied into the work we do and setting occupational goals keep us motivated, inspired, and fulfilled. In addition to what we choose to do, how we juggle our work and personal life can affect the status of our mental and physical health.

Occupational Quest™ Examples
Get Certified – When you’re feeling stuck or bored at work, it could be a sign you need to take your skills to the next level. Try learning, sharing or improving your knowledge to help keep your mind sharp and your value high.


money bills

Everyone needs money to get by in life.  Even if every person’s financial situation and goals are different, the main concerns consist of the same three things: savings, spending, and debt. A healthy state of finances ensures that you are reaching your goals and spending without putting yourself at risk.

Financial Quest™ Examples
Save Money – Financial freedom is at your fingertips. Make small changes in spending and see your savings grow.