Feeling stuck in an aspect of your life? Start your process of manifestation with Bianca’s three pillars.

Why manifest?

Thoughts can lead to words, which ultimately lead to actions that impact your life. Your thoughts have a huge impact on your outlook on life, yourself, and others around you. Many think it’s foolish to believe the smallest bit of change in what you think will change the outcome of your life events. Perhaps. But take a moment now and think about the last time you assessed the quality of your thoughts. Do you know what kind of thoughts you regularly have or habitually create?

Let’s start with the two types of thoughts we all have the ability to produce: low-level and high-level thoughts. These are the negative and positive thoughts that we connect with ourselves, other people, and topics. Now ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “all the time”, how often are you having low-level thoughts? Or high-level thoughts?  If you answered 6 or more for low-level and 4 or less for high-level thoughts, then you’re probably not benefitting positively from the power of manifestation. But if you want to, you can change that right now with the three pillars of manifestation I’m going to share with you. 

“You are the architect of your life. You build its foundation and choose its contents.”

This quote could not be more accurate as it pertains to high and low-level thoughts. Our thoughts generate an energy flow from within which surrounds our physical presence. That same positive or negative energy creates similar energies in our thoughts, experiences, and actions. For example, if you tell yourself you are never going to get out of debt, chances are those words will continue to be your thoughts. You will end up verbalizing it to others in a way that results in you taking action like a person who is doubtful they will get out of debt. You are manifesting your future.

Own your (positive) thoughts because these are the thoughts that will lead towards a (positive) energy that creates your reality. If you choose to achieve your goals, you can eventually choose the destiny of your path by manifesting it with the three pillars. This is in the case of any goal. If you’ve been struggling with meeting or maintaining your fitness goals but finally have a personal pep talk with yourself and say “This is my 6th time making lifestyle changes in 18 months, but SO WHAT?! This time I WILL do it”, chances are you will very quickly start acting like someone who is fully committed to making the proactive lifestyle changes to become the person who will eventually achieve that goal. You are actively building your foundation and choosing its contents. Using the power of manifestation in this way will give you a sense of empowerment as you become the architect of your life.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “How can I become the architect of my life? How can I create positive energy through thoughts and words?”, that’s where the three pillars of manifestation: Thoughts – Words – Actions come into play.

How To Begin 


Setting the Intention – Clear your space and your mind.
How do you expect that brilliant mind of yours to work in a cluttered space? Whether it be your mental space or physical living space, I believe the quality of the spaces where you spend the most time impact the quality of the thoughts you have. For physical living spaces, prevent anxiety or low-level thoughts from forming by keeping them decluttered and organized. The same is necessary for your mental space as well. 

Our brain is a powerful muscle and our ability to take it to a state of meditation is often underutilized. Have you ever just sat alone in a comfortable space in silence with just you and your thoughts? If not, try it. Turn all your buzzing electronics off: radio, TV, phone and just sit and clear your mind. If you don’t have the luxury of having complete silence because of children, roommates or other stimuli, then find a small area where you can sit and find peace for a moment. That small space can be the bathroom, bathroom stall, car or even a stairwell. Once you’re in that space, start your meditation by letting go of negative thoughts so that you can become still in your mind instead of anxious. Try to make this a daily routine. I suggest making five-minute appointments with yourself either in the morning or right before bed so you can continue laying the groundwork for the manifestation process.



I am physically strong. I am mentally indestructible – Find your positive mantra.
Daily mantras and affirmations are important factors when you are trying to stay positive and focused while on the road to achieving greatness. These are the motivating thoughts that can lead you to take the positive actions you may otherwise begrudgingly take. Of course, there will be cloudy days with thoughts of giving up or regressing back to your old ways of low-level thoughts. Until you find a mantra or affirmation that speaks to your soul, I am going to give you one – “I am physically strong and mentally indestructible.”

Take a moment in your daily meditations to think about all of your manifestations (desires) and repeat this mantra to yourself 1-2x or when you’re feeling discouraged or challenged. Whether you say it out loud or silently, let each word absorb into your mind, body, and soul. Then chill. Yes, I said CHILL! Fall back, take a seat, and give yourself room to process the positive words and thoughts. You may not feel anything change the first, second, or even tenth time but that’s why it’s a daily practice. Give yourself the room to evolve with the words you may not believe yet. Long-lasting changes rarely happen overnight so be consistent and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t feel the results you think you’re supposed to get right away.



Going for it – Act as great as you think you are.
Now that you know how to develop a routine of identifying your greatness and desires via words and thoughts, you have to start living in that truth. In other words, you need act like a person who genuinely believes in their goals. It’s the muscle training work behind manifestation. Even if it’s uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first, you have to start taking action like a person who actually wants to achieve those high-level thoughts when it comes to your goals. Once you think it and believe it, you then will be in a better mental and emotional place to go for it and achieve it.

Sometimes it can be daunting to think about taking action when you are still trying to grasp the idea of making your goals a reality. One thing I do for myself is write down the steps needed to achieve my goal. Once I establish the steps, I prioritize them by how attainable they are. Here’s why I do it that way. Remember, you want to set yourself up for success so I make sure that my list is attainable and realistic. Think of the list as breaking down the sum of the entire idea into smaller workable pieces that lead up to the larger goal. If you want to stay organized, buy a planner! I can’t live without my planner. Each day of the week I make sure to do something on my to-do list that is related to my goal.

Lastly, the most important part of acting on your goals is having an accountability partner who will be responsible for doing weekly or monthly check-ins to support you in your quest to achieving your goal. 

You’ve heard that phrase – if it were easy everyone would be doing it. This holds true in the Power of Manifestation. It may be hard to believe and even harder to do but it all starts with believing so strongly in your desires that you would give anything, like changing the quality of your thoughts, a chance so that you can overpower your negativity and fears. Your burning desire to achieve should be so strong that fear is not an option so use that motivation and have the power of manifestation work for you and your goals.