As the team prepares for the new year and the launch of DIEMlife®, we can’t help but create a list of what we’re looking to achieve in 2018. Some may call these resolutions but here at DIEMlife® we call them Quests.

We used our Six Pillars to help guide us in figuring out what each of us really wants out of 2018.

Physical: What do I want to achieve for my body, inside and out?
Mental: What do I want to conquer intellectually or emotionally?
Social: How do I want to cultivate my relationships with friends, families, and my communities?
Environmental: How do I want to improve the quality of my surroundings?
Occupational: How do I want to develop my career?
Financial: How do I want to improve my relationship with money? 

What does 2018 hold for you? How would you answer each of the questions? Check out how we answered below.


What are YOUR Quests for 2018? Comment below and tell us how you plan on using DIEMlife® to make it happen!