“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” -T.S. Eliot

For the last few months, I’ve been fortunate to interview old and new friends about who they are and the Quests and people that are important to them. These recorded interviews will be shared at our launch event on May 21. As I review their responses I feel for the first time I’m really getting to know them through their stories and self-reflections.

I took the interviewees on a three-part existential journey. Here’s an abbreviated version with a preview of some of the responses.

Part 1: Who I Am

Can you share a brief intro of who you are, where you’re from, what others perceive about you, what people know you for and three things people in your life may not know about you?

“I haven’t shared this with anyone but I love to paint.”

“I know I have a giant blonde mohawk, but I’m actually an introvert and hate being in the spotlight.”

Part 2: My Quests

Share a list of memorable Quests you have attempted, are attempting, or plan to attempt.

“My Quest® is to make a film.”

“My Quest® is to open a second fitness studio.”

“My Quest® is to travel overseas before my school year starts.”

I helped them dig into what I could tell was their most passion-driven Quest® and asked what Milestones would you need to hit to ultimately achieve your Quest®? And who would you share this Quest® with? But you will have to wait to see those answers!

Part 3: My DIEMlife®

Fast forward 50 years from today, you’re in your 70-100’s. How would looking at your Quest®-filled DIEMlife®, full of Milestones, community and support make you feel? If you could see anyone else’s entire DIEMlife® whose would it be and what specific Quest® would you want to learn more about?

“Wow. Pride. I would feel proud of the things I accomplished but also the things I even dared to try.”

“I’d want to see my dad’s DIEMlife®. He could have been a pro golfer so I want to know what that Quest® looked like for him before he changed career tracks. O! He also loves cooking, so I’d want to see what cooking Quests he’d have in his DIEMlife®.”

“My parents immigrated with nothing and had to start from scratch. They are both a doctor and nurse and I’d love to see what Milestones they needed to hit to start that immigration and education process.”

“I lost my father when he was in his fifties. I only found out after his passing that he had started building a massive compound in our native country Nigeria for our family. I didn’t even know he was doing that. I’d want to see this Quest®. It’s something important I’d want to remember forever and share with others who will never get to know him.”

Twelve interviews later, I’m still inspired! The interviews reminded me we are truly social beings that thrive best when we have a sense of purpose and a supportive community we know we can lean on.

T.S. Eliot’s quote demonstrates the necessity of reflection. We don’t often give ourselves this space when approaching our life Quests.

I challenge you to take a moment and interview yourself. Explore the life you’re leading through your most passion-driven Quest®, its Milestones, the people in your life supporting it and take yourself on an existential journey to help you figure out how to take your next step in building a DIEMlife® you’ll want to share with others.
Email us your favorite Quest® and we might share it in an upcoming blog!