Eric Hinman Best DIEM Ever

Eric Hinman

What would it feel like waking up knowing today would be less enjoyable than yesterday? If each day got steadily tougher would you be able to get out of bed knowing each day was your worst day ever?

Would it help if you could not only define your BEST day ever, but LIVE it with others who chose to share, support, and join your Quest® to live your best day ever? I knew the power of a Quest® but needed a way to connect that power to the amazing things people were ALREADY doing out in the real world. Things they wanted to share with others. Could this be the spark to the magic we were seeking for our platform traction?

This was swirling in my head on a chilly March morning as I headed out to meet investor, entrepreneur, endurance enthusiast and influencer Eric Hinman.

I was armed with a game changer idea:

Eric needed to create his version of a “Best DIEM Ever” Quest®.  

I explained:

The Best DIEM Ever Quest® is an attempt to design an amazing day using resources you already have. Give people a glimpse of who you are and what you love, but make it as accessible as possible. It is a challenge to design an exceptionally ordinary day that still could be your best day ever. It’s been said Warren Buffet’s best day consists of a trip to McDonald’s, 80% of his time reading, and the rest playing bridge and his Ukulele while hanging out with  family. What would comprise a realistic set of experiences that you would consider an incredible day?

Eric immediately connected to the concept. “I’m in!” he said, between bites of our almond butter protein power balls. As I left the meeting Eric was already promoting the idea to his Instagram community.

Later that week I would receive a few of his draft milestones. They looked amazing:

  • Walk to lunch, schedule a walking meeting, walk to a cafe, just walk!
  • Post something positive on social media, or share something you learned – provide value to the world!
  • Explore a new neighborhood, take pictures along the way
  • Say hello to a stranger
  • Tune in to to a podcast
  • Reach out to someone you’d like to connect with – #putyourselfoutthere

We both realized this could truly be powerful. Why not encourage others to build a legacy of their own Best DIEM Ever Quests they could share with the world? 

Stay tuned for the release of Eric’s official Best DIEM Ever Quest® and share your own with us using the #BestDIEMEver hash tag!

Eric Hinman BEST DIEM Ever