Up until now, there was no easy way to manage our goals in one place and get the resources and support we need to actually achieve them. It is hard enough to follow through on one goal, much less ten. We spend so much time worrying about passing and failing and not enough time building a story. DIEMlife lets you capture a journey you’ll never forget.

We capture each journey through a Quest® in DIEMlife.


One Quest Format Fits All.

No Quest™ is too big or too small. Each can be as versatile and flexible as your goals. Fundraise for a local charity, organize a community event, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, make partner at your firm, buy your first home, teach your kids soccer, read one book a month, or travel to all the continents – each can be created as a Quest™ in DIEMlife.

Timothy and his Quests


Support at Your Fingertips.

When you are chasing a goal you need support from others. Connect with the right friends for each Quest™ and get the guidance, accountability, resources and support you need to break through your limitations.

connecting with friends


Trackable and Easily Manageable.

A Quest™ shows you your progress immediately. You can easily make adjustments and view the story you are creating, all while helping you achieve your goals.

Timothy completed Quests