Our DIEMlife powered hospital and restaurant campaign is now launched in multiple cities as we have recently partnered with Sage & Zest Catering and Events in NYC.

You can donate here and go here to get more involved.


Your donation will pay for quality meals for our local hospital staff and first responders who are working in wartime-like conditions fighting Covid-19. Your donation will also support local restaurants who are fighting to stay afloat while also helping to feed our pandemic superheroes. At DIEMlife we are working directly with several major hospitals and local restaurants to spread the support.

Our goal is to help raise as much as possible for those affected by this global crisis. Together, we can help feed our healthcare professionals while financially supporting the restaurants that have been forced to close their doors. We have mapped out our process in this pursuit below so that you or your company can partner with us and create a similar Quest for your city or town.


Our simple and scalable system allows us to launch Quests fast and add resources efficiently. We avoid paying restaurants via third party vendors such as PayPal or Venmo and instead provide direct, programmatic ACH payments to each restaurant. Using this system allows DIEMlife to organize donations either into general funds or into allocations by teams as needed. We provide Google sheet order forms that we can easily duplicate and securely share with each hospital so they can enter and track their daily donation balances and confirm meal deliveries. There is minimal human administrative overhead which we can further automate as needed.


  1. Feed our first responders who are stressed, tired, and may lack the time to prep their own at-work meals.
  2. Support restaurants and their teams during an unusual time where the restaurant industry, and their suppliers, are feeling financial pressures from social distancing.
  3. Empower the community to help support restaurants and first-responders by giving them a streamlined channel for donating funds to tangible outcomes.


You can launch this program in your city as well. Below we lay out a visual flow of the process followed by the three steps you’ll need to get started with your own campaign.


We’ve setup a portal for those who want to GET HELP (hospitals and restaurants) and GIVE HELP (donors, volunteers, community members looking to start a campaign).

To set up a new campaign, visit https://portal.diem.life , click GIVE HELP and complete the form. We will reply with more details based on your provided information . In the meantime, you can begin trying to organize the team members required in Step 2 below.


Every team will look different based on the size of the program. Below is how we typically set it up.

Coordinator — One person. Responsible for matching  restaurants to hospitals, confirming deliveries, and verifying that the restaurant(s) received payment from DIEMlife. Also responsible for communicating with hospitals to effectively understand and adapt to protocol changes.

Hospital Representative — One rep per hospital. In general, and particularly in crisis situations, hospitals have multiple protective measures in place. It’s important to have a point of contact to ensure effective and safe delivery or large shipments that fit within hospital protocols.

Restaurant Representative — One rep per restaurant. DIEMlife will onboard each rep into our platform in order to receive direct payments. This contact person will also work with the coordinator ton meal offerings, pricing, and delivery schedules.


DIEMlife will create your custom campaign page that will house public information such as progress towards your goal, a photo gallery, and newsfeed in which you can share updates. You will have access to our hospital order form sheet and will be able to verify meal deliveries and send payments to participating restaurants. See our Syracuse, NY example here or our New York, NY example here.


New Campaign Guidelines — Here are some things to consider before launching a new campaign

Restaurant Guidelines —  We sourced these instructions for restaurants to effectively deliver the meals in a manner that is safe for with the safety of cooks, drivers, and healthcare workers.

Hospital Launch Guidelines —  It is important to work with hospital administration in order to ensure that the proper quantity of meals lands at each hospital in compliance with hospital protocols (i.e. – delivery times, delivery protocols), and to limit confusion and inefficiencies. See our suggestions for seamless launch here.

Thank you

Timothy, Yoo-Sun and the DIEMlife Team

For more information or to get started, please visit our Covid-19 portal