Long-term change requires long-term action and the grit to keep going. That’s because change is hard. Really hard. When the smoke of hashtags clears and the mirrors of band aids defog, we will still be here continuing the work to create the social network of action that our communities need.

Especially now, underserved communities are fighting for their basic right to be respected and to be protected. DIEMlife strives to serve equal opportunity to every human, regardless of their race, religion, age, gender, or wealth. And while we cannot put ourselves in the shoes of everyone hurting, we promise to be a trusted partner who will not quit on you.

We are educating ourselves, having conversations, listening to all voices, reflecting on the equal rights of wellness, and using our pillars of wellness to help guide our own actions to support communities experiencing racism and discrimination. At DIEMlife we are building the world’s biggest social network of action and part of that plan includes this one:

Physical: We are giving our one-year nutrition program to an individual in an underserved community so they may have the opportunity to educate themselves on their physical health. Apply here or share this link.

Mental: We are reading, researching, and examining our own relationships with racism and systemic injustices. Join our Quest.

Social: We are collaborating and creating a musical video of awareness. Join the effort.

Environmental: We are helping families find opportunities to have difficult conversations over bonding activities with our Quest challenge. Join the 10-day challenge.

Occupational: We are giving one-year of our platform and consulting services to a Black or LGBTQ-owned business or non-profit so they can amplify their impact for their community. Apply here or share this link.

Financial: We are in the research and development phase of our universal fundraising initiative to enable our members to add any one of the more than 1.5 million charities to a Quest they are on.