Four years ago, we started working on our vision – building a social impact company anyone could be a part of. Two years ago, we completed step one: launched DIEMlife. Two months ago, we embarked on the second part of our vision: giving everyone an opportunity to own a piece of our company. Starting today our vision has come full circle: anyone can now invest in DIEMlife.

We want our customers to be our owners. That’s why we decided to partner with Wefunder – they are kind of like Kickstarter, but for investing instead. You can buy a small part of DIEMlife; if we do well, so will you.

Thank you for supporting our journey!

Letter from Timothy:

Fatherhood has helped me value, more than I could ever imagine, the power and the importance of hope during these tough times.

My own father loved to feed the homeless and his entire life he was very involved in helping the shelter across from his small print shop in Syracuse, NY. But in his final years, when he was in and out of the hospital all the time, he felt like he had lost his purpose, like he was no longer able to make an impact. In an attempt to uplift him, my siblings and I had an idea to start a mobile soup kitchen but we struggled to find a good platform to help bring all of those moving parts together fast enough.

I remember the last day I visited Dad in the hospital and he told me he had chosen to end his dialysis. It was such a dark moment for me. 

After my father passed, my Mom needed us more than ever. She is a mother to six, a retired nurse, and a cancer survivor – an overall tough woman. But she was down and out. I remember feeling like we missed an opportunity with my father, despite my family being so supportive, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity with my mother.

That’s when I made these promises to myself:
-I will let nothing break my spirit of entrepreneurship;
-I will find a way to help others and make money; and
-I will endure any mental suffering required to succeed

So we started sending my Mom these “challenges” and encouraging her to “Carpe DIEM”, and that’s how DIEMlife + Quests were born.

When Yoo-Sun and I decided we wanted to help others set goals, plan for success, and get the support they need to fulfill their ambitions we knew it would be a tough road ahead. We knew it would be a tough road full of darkness, uncertainty, and risk. We knew that greatness comes from not just strength, but also perseverance. We are grateful to have each other, and with the support of our family and friends we hope to give our son Kelvin the best chance at a good life and lead by example.

Our ultimate vision has always been to launch a successful public offering so that everyone can own part of our company. A company that will help members conquer their most epic Quests.

Our vision is now a reality and we are proud to present our DIEMlife public offering.


Letter from Yoo-Sun:

I’m proud of what our team has accomplished together and nervously proud to share a piece of our business, one built out of our own sweat, tears, and goals. The building of our company is a startup story everyone’s heard – we’ve lost sleep, relationships have been tested, self-care sacrificed, and overall it has been a huge test of patience, resilience and grit.

But we’re doing it and we’re doing it with a one-year old, during Covid, during financial uncertainty. And we’re doing it because since day one, DIEMlife has been about helping people be well, starting with Tim’s mother who is now living her best life.

In the past four months we’ve had the honor of helping some of the most important communities of people we know – the frontline workers, first responders, independent contractors, non-profits, and schools. We consider it a privilege for our company to be in a position where we can positively impact others in waves and now we can finally invite you to be a part of this journey.

I can’t believe our vision is coming alive. For as little as $100, you can invest in DIEMlife and I promise you the next leg of our journey together will be even more rewarding.

You have been an important part of our story and we are grateful for your support. Without you, we would not be where we are today. We look forward to building DIEMlife with you.

Let’s do this.