DIEMlife | Our Story

How It All Started

DIEMlife started how most personal projects start. That one life-changing moment.

In 2001, co-founder Tim Midgley’s mother Candy was struggling with her physical well-being. Despite support from her family (and a wheelchair), her condition worsened and new health problems kept creeping up along the way. During this time, her husband was her rock. He was with Candy when she needed the emotional, physical, and psychological support.

However in 2014, when Tim’s father passed away, Candy’s emotional and physical health hit rock bottom. She would feel emotionally supported when her kids visited, but it was a temporary respite. This was when Tim and his partner, Yoo-Sun, decided to take control of Candy’s well-being by setting up a support system on her Facebook. They curated a list of Quests and convinced their siblings to contribute to this movement and encourage Candy to actively list out her goals — no matter how big or small or ridiculous they were. They wanted her to try new things and make small incremental changes in her everyday life. This process made it easier for the family to follow Candy’s progress and also encouraged some of the more passive personalities within the family to join in with her and try something new.

Two years on, and she’s now jumped off a swing, participated in annual family 5K charity walks, aced a wall-sit challenge, slept straight for eight hours ( a rarity!), practices Tai Chi weekly, spends more time cooking with her grandchildren and is DIEMlife’s very first Quest Master. The original, of course.

Her overall fitness and wellness have dramatically improved, and she’s in a happier and healthier place. As a result of doing some of these Quests together, family members have found more fun ways to connect with each other, and with Candy. The small wins from completing assigned Quests gave Candy the confidence she has today. And her close network of family and friends know and understand Candy better than ever. Their interactions with her are more purposeful and impactful. Whether it’s creating new dance moves with her grandkids (trust us, this happens!). Or preparing meals for the homeless with her daughters. Candy does everything more mindfully now, and it all adds up to her being stronger and happier. Everyday.

As Tim, Yoo-Sun, and the entire Midgley family saw her progress, they couldn’t ignore the power of this platform. This is when they knew that their Quests had to be replicated into something greater than Facebook posts. While this popular social networking platform set the pace for the original Quests to be tracked, it still lacked the tools to bring these Quests to life.

The Quests needed a new home.

Within a few months… DIEMlife was born.

DIEMlife | Our Team

Who We Are

True to form, the founders of DIEMlife are no strangers to wellness, self-improvement, and forming personal connections. Tim and Andrew met on a mountain part way through a 48-hour extreme endurance event called the “Winter Death Race” (no, really). Yoo-Sun and Tim are what happens when a gazelle meets a sofa king through mutual friends at a Halloween party in a NYC co-working space. You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

What seemed like random events, slowly morphed into a fated meeting of the minds. Tim, Yoo-Sun, and Andrew all share a thirst to innovate, a desire for self-improvement and a need to help others. It’s the fuel behind the fire to complete their ultimate group Quest—the creation of DIEMlife.

Timothy Midgley

“I want to inspire those around me to build better legacies.”

Tim has more than 15 years of startup and corporate experience consulting in business innovation, growth and technology development. He is known as the strategy and tactics guy and is first in line to help brainstorm ideas and implement the solutions to get a job done. Tim plays the long game and pushes the envelope in every aspect of his life.

Tim is the man with a plan at DIEMlife. Actually, he’s the man with a Plan A and a ton of Plan B’s. He’s constantly connecting the dots and making new ones.

When Tim isn’t working, he can be found researching his next endurance challenge (suggestions welcome), meeting other startups and entrepreneurs around the world or producing and recording his next EP, which may or may not involve squeaking on his alto sax.

Tim’s Favorite Quests:
1. Completing the Wim Hof 10-week “Becoming the Iceman” course
2. Create your own adventure at the park with my Mom
3. Live/Work remotely for 30 days

Yoo-Sun Park
Content and Communications

“My purpose is to help people find their perfect balance of confidence and curiosity so that they can live the best quality of their life.”

A former Juilliard violinist, Yoo-Sun is a master of music, movement and body mechanics. With more than 20 years of professional coaching and teaching experience, she now trains clients and teachers alike at SLT, the biggest megaformer studio based out of NYC. A disciplined soul, Yoo-Sun is the person who takes individuals to the next level and helps them reach their highest possible potential.

Yoo-Sun is the queen of Quests at DIEMlife, helping individuals succeed on their own journey of self-improvement and development. Not only is she the voice of the brand, but she’s also the rock to lean on when the going gets tough.

Yoo-Sun believes in water over coffee, that a good musical playlist has a beginning, middle, and end, and that a handful of chewy ginger candies could be the key to happiness.

Yoo-Sun’s Favorite Quests:
1. Coming out of music retirement with a performance for my friends and family with fellow musicians, actors, and dancers
2. Becoming a Certified Mobility|WOD Coach
3. Celebrate a birthday at The Rock in Zanzibar

Andrew Coleman

“I want to learn something new every day and leave anything I touch (or code) better than I found it so that I can constantly improve myself and this world.”

With a degree in Computer Science, an MBA, and 4 Systems Architecture Certifications from MIT, Andrew has a thorough understanding of how to make things happen. He is a life-hacker, eternally destined to improve workflows and develop systems that contribute to a sustainable and scalable infrastructure.

What does that even mean? Just know he’s the backbone of our operations, the builder of our dreams and layers 1 through 5 of our 7-layer dip. Andrew keeps DIEMlife up and running all day, every day.

Andrew has never met a mountain he hasn’t wanted to hike, wanted to be like his dad when he was a kid, and if you ever see him at a party, make sure you ask him about the time he stumbled across Tim in the woods after being up for 36 hours straight in single-digit temps.

Andrew’s Favorite Quests:
1. Participating and winning a 72-hour Ultra, and completing 157 miles in roughly 60 hours of it
2. Doing something uncomfortable every week, like changing sleep/wake up times, intermittent fasting, and cold showers in the morning
3. Read a new book every 5 weeks