DIEMlife Team Fundraising

Team fundraising is a powerful feature that enables individual fundraisers to group up in multiple teams, all under the umbrella of a larger campaign. Individual fundraisers can join one of these fundraising teams as team members.

The campaign organizer creates the campaign (the 5k), teams join (team Red vs. team Blue), and individual fundraisers (members) join the teams. Each team gets their own progress bar and all donations go directly to the organizer.

If you want to help fundraise, start by pressing the FUNDRAISE button on the organizers page, then choose one of the three options below.
Note: Please sign up and log in before proceeding, or you will not see the fundraise button.

DIEMlife Start Team Fundraising

1. Join an existing team

DIEMlife join existing Fundraising Team
Find your team and click SELECT TEAM

2. Create your own team

DIEMlife create your own fundraising team
Enter name, target amount, logo and click CREATE TEAM

3. Fundraise as an Individual

DIEMlife fundraise as an individual
Enter campaign name, target amount and click START FUNDRAISER

Each option above provides a custom link you can share with donors:

DIEMlife share options
Clicks options then Share
DIEMlife share link
Share with supporters!

The funds you raise are reflected on your page, as well as your team’s total, and the event itself. Now that’s some serious teamwork!